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Stir Crazy Cafe

About This Project

Located in the heart of MacArthur Street in Richmond, VA, Stir Crazy Cafe is a refreshing twist on the neighborhood cafe offering an ever-changing, seasonal menu and delicious coffee from Counter Culture. They have been one of our favorite clients to work with over the past few years, and we are proud to highlight them in our portfolio.


Beginning in 2016, we helped them gain creative control over their brand, web administration and online presence after a devastating loss of their web domain and lack of support from their previous administrator. We helped guide them through a “next steps” process to get their website back online, inform their customers and use the incident to their advantage through a PR “refresh” campaign. Once all the fires were quelled, we helped them with their technical infrastructure by improving/stabilizing their customer WiFi, creating a secure network for the POS systems, setting up an employee only network, fixing electrical hazards and working with their social media administrator to set an easy analysis system to improve campaigns. When the owner decided to hand over the reigns to new ownership, we helped to provide a smooth transition by consolidating and centralizing information within the business and improving information security policies.


Currently, we are working on a completely new, scalable website capable of offering online ordering, a custom app service and a retail shop. This includes new photography and a video wall on their site. Exciting times ahead!

Branding, Video Production, Web Administration
Consulting, Graphic Design, IT Infastructure, PR/Advertising, Social Media, Web Design